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Your Water Treatment Plant in a Sachet



Water is the foundation of nutrition. Waterborne disease is therefore not related to wateravailability, but rather its quality.

Raw water of high turbidity shields pathogens from ordinary disinfectants and filtration methods. Watermaker overcomes this with a patented, high-speed clarifier component. Its unique formula performs across the widest range of water types and requires less chemical per litre in comparison to similar technologies.

Watermaker has maintained its advantage over the competition for over 20 years because it scores highly on all THREE requirements for an "all purpose" water treatment chemical:

  1. Adoptability: Is the treated water of an acceptable taste and appearance for end users to adopt and implement successfully once supervision is withdrawn? 
  2. Universality: Can the technology perform across a wide range of water types without compromising its adoptability? 

  3. Simplicity: Can it be easily understood and integrated into existing local structures and traditions?