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Q: What makes Chlor-Floc different from other personal water treatment chemicals like Iodine, NaDCC, Chlorine Dioxide and Silver?

A: Chlor-Floc is still the only single step treatment registered by the USEPA that is able to both clarify and disinfect naturally polluted water. The other chemicals mentioned above are disinfectant-only treatments, and are less versatile.
Q: Why is flocculation so important?

A: Suspended material such as dirt and organic waste is able to shield waterborne pathogens from disinfectants. It has been shown that flocculation on its own is able to render most water types safe, and the combination of flocculation and chlorination is highly effective.
Q: Doesn’t the flocculation step slow down and complicate the procedure for the end user?

A: Chlor-Floc will disinfect and clarify virtually any raw water in under 7 minutes. Yes, it usually requires an additional filtration step, but this does not need special filter media and the benefit of higher adoption rate overrides this concern in real field conditions
Q: Does Chlor-Floc remove Giardia and Cryptosporidium?
A: Chlor-Floc is effective against both Giardia Lamblia and Muris, but it not 100% effective against cryptosporidium. However, the claims by producers of other halogen-based disinfectants that their products are effective against Crypto shouldt be treated with caution. These claims almost always conditional on extreme, non-standard doses and very long contact time (up to 9hrs). Few end users have this latitude.
Q: Why has Chlor-Floc changed from a tablet to a powder format?

A: The tablet was specially developed for the US military before sachet packing technology was sufficiently advanced. Powder works faster and better – and is both easier and more economical to produce.
Q: Did the formula or specifications change?

A: No. Neither the formula nor technical specifications changed. The USEPA also approved the change under the same EPA Reg. number.