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Q: Where did WATERMAKER originate?

A: WATERMAKER was developed in South Africa by Control Chemicals (Pty.) Ltd. (Est. 1971) to meet military requirements for a single step disinfectant-flocculent water treatment.
Q: What makes WATERMAKER technology different?

A: WATERMAKER not only rapidly clarifies AND sanitizes naturally polluted raw water in a single chemical reaction, but also removes high tannin (color) loads and many industrial toxins. Other systems typically involve the use of either sanitizers alone, or require complicated equipment or treatment sequences that are not suitable for targeted users.
Q: Why is it so important to remove turbidity?

A: It has only recently been accepted that a significant barrier to the eradication of waterborne disease outbreaks in underdeveloped communities is the ability of these pathogens (including cholera) to lie dormant within zooplankton and then replicate and spread once conditions are favourable. As a result flocculation/filtration is considered a vital step in the fight against cholera. Removing turbidity is therefore fundamental to rendering raw water completely safe.
Q: Are there any other benefits to be derived from flocculation?
A: Yes - flocculation is critical in maximising the Adoption Rate by end user communities. By combining flocculation Watermaker enhances the sanitizer component, meaning that less disinfectant is required, resulting in water that is superior in taste and visual appearance to that delivered by other chemical methods.
Q: Has WATERMAKER been successfully applied in true field conditions?

A: Absolutely. Watermaker has a proven 15–20 year track record in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia and is regularly employed by major international aid agencies such as UNICEF, ICRC, IFRC, OXFAM and others. It is also used by several military institutions worldwide – including the US Department of Defense.
Q: Is any special equipment necessary when using Watermaker?

A: None. All that is needed is a container and a stick for stirring (hand-stirring is also suitable).
Q: Is Watermaker easily and rapidly available?

A: Yes. Watermaker cargo is dense and non-hazardous and can be air freighted at very short notice. Its formula also uses up to 60% less chemical by mass than similar technologies, making it more economical to distribute.