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Q: What is the active ingredient in Aquacure Tablets?

A: Aquacure tablets contain Sodium Dichlor-iso-Cyanurate (aka NaDCC or SDIC) – an organic chlorine compound is WHO approved for on-going human consumption when used to disinfect potable drinking water.
Q: How effective is NaDCC against common waterborne diseases?

A: NaDCC is highly effective against the most common waterborne diseases such as bacteria, viruses algae, fungi and protozoa. It is also effective against those bacterial spores and cysts known to have lower resistance to chlorine provided that water conditions (pH, temperature) are favourable . While it is effective against Giardia Lamblia cysts, this is only true for higher concentrations (> 8ppm) and longer contact times. In practical terms, it is ineffective against Cryptosporidium.
Q: Will Aquacure work well in turbid water, or water with high organic load such as tannins (colour)?

A: NaDCC performs at its best in water that is relatively free of turbidity and tannins. While it will be effective in turbid water up to a point, without an added flocculation step it is not able to ensure disinfection in cases where pathogens are able to hide within suspended dirt or zooplankton. However NaDCC an ideal and cost effective solution in water that is relatively clear.
Q: Does Aquacure have uses other than just for drinking water?
A: Yes. Aquacure tablets are also suitable for disinfecting baby bottles, equipment and water tanks.